Nadia Irena’s jewellery line launched in 2002 with a focus on handmade beaded designs. She has always aimed to create jewellery for the person with a strong sense of self; whether that means subtle, decisive and minimal lines or bold statement pieces with fluid organic shapes. The prevailing idea is to always make accessories that allow one to dress for the life that they love.

Later in the line’s evolution, Nadia first studied silver smithing and jewellery design in Florence, Italy. Later still, she added the development of parts of her collection from her workbench in Istanbul, Turkey to her production process in addition to working at home in The Bahamas.

These places and changes in cultural environments are largely responsible for expanding and challenging her sense of design and in exposing her to the use of alternative materials and design perspectives. She counts this experience of living and working within these communities of artists and artisans, continuing legacies of craft centuries old, as one of her most influential and continues to relish them.

Sourcing materials mainly from Italy and countries in the East lend influences that only serve to add dimension to the line, which is informed largely by her love of the Bahamian. Remnants from studies in marine biology and environmental sciences also show their imprint on the work.

While the design inspiration often changes from season to season, her distinctive style remains a recurring and obvious signature. The line accomplishes being both timeless and trend appropriate; always supplying the perfect accessory for the luxury of coastal living.