Reshuffle, Restart, Refresh

So far it really has been a year of plenty, plenty of which was hard. In one of the Seven Gothic Tales, The Deluge at Nordeny, Isak Dinesen said, ‘I know the cure for everything: Salt water…in one form or another; sweat, tears or the sea”. Church to that!

I’ve especially been relying heavily on the sweat and sea parts. In this iteration, the formula this summer turned out to be a weekend with friends and gin in Eleuthera that included a more grueling than expected kayak spin. A stay with a friend and her family during Ramadan in the always-inspiring Bodrum. A first vacation in four (4!) years’ stop in Malta after a supplies trip. Lots of sketching and planning (and head holding) in between. All giving birth to a relaunch planned after this RESORT2016 production stint. Making it official 23rd October, 2015. Save the date!

It means a new name, NADIA IRENA, a new website and, for the first time, a blog about my love for island living, travel and production triumphs and trials. How lucky that I got to solidify all of this in three places that seem to revel in salt life so differently.

So renewal it is –after just two seas, one ocean, lots of sweat equity and a (not so) tiny amount of tears.

I am so excited to share posts about coastal-based indulgences, lots of it Bahamian but from other places as well. Perhaps I am even more excited though, to continue designing accessories for the business of loving your life.

Mostly, I look forward to sharing it all with you.